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Day 1 | August 6 | Minneapolis, MN

Your journey begins with a deluxe hotel stay near Minneapolis. Tomorrow you will board the American Queen.

Day 2 | August 7 | Redwing, MN

Explore nearby Minneapolis at your leisure or consider a Pre-Cruise Premium Shore Excursion with afternoon transfer to the American Queen.

Day 3 | August 8 | Scenic River Cruising

While cruising aboard the American Queen, set aside some time for a little pampering. Experience Pevonia spa treatments for optimum de-aging and unparalleled rejuvenation.

Day 4 | August 9 | Dubuque, IA

Dubuque is Iowa’s oldest city and among the oldest settlers of the area was a French-Canadian fur trader, Julien Dubuque, who arrived in 1785. Dubuque is filled with historic sites, architectural Historic Districts with well-preserved buildings and homes, history and art museums, the great Mississippi River, and a revitalized main street that invites guests to explore this “all-American City.” Included Excursions/Tours: St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Dubuque Museum of Art, The Fenelon Place Elevator, Hotel Julien Dubuque, Grand Opera House, and The Old Jail Museum & Dubuque County Courthouse.

Day 5 | August 10 | Prairie du Chien, WI

As the oldest community on the Upper Mississippi, Prairie du Chien has been a traditional gathering place for centuries. The native people of the area met on the prairie in friendship to exchange goods. Included Excursions/Tours: Villa Louise Residence and Grounds, Villa Louis Visitor Center, Crawford County Courthouse/1800’s Jail, The Fur Trade Museum, Fort Crawford Military Hospital, Fort Crawford Museum, and Valley Fish & Cheese.

Day 6 | August 11 | LaCrosse, WI

La Crosse, named by explorer Zebulon Pike who saw a group of people playing a game with sticks that looked like a cross, is a popular destination for tourists. Like much of Wisconsin, La Crosse became heavily involved with the lumber industry in the mid-1800’s until the decline of forests in the region. In the wake of the vanishing lumber era, La Crosse became a city renowned for its beer making, with five breweries operating in La Crosse near the turn of the century. Today, make note of lin- gering pieces of history along the streets of the city, inside local breweries, and within the floorboards of historic homes and businesses. Included Excursions/Tours: Dahl Auto Museum, Chapels of St. Rose, Hixon House, Riverside Museum, and Riverside Interna- tional Friendship Garden.

Day 7 | August 12 | Winona, MN

Explore Winona, one of the most beautiful places in the country. The city is referred to as the “Island City” by locals because of the large sand bar it was built upon. Evidence suggests that the land’s history reaches back as early as 9500 BC, while present-day Winona was founded as the small village of Keoxa in 1851. Nestled between the covered limestone river bluffs of the Mississippi River, this quaint port is full of culture and small town Americana. Enjoy stunning views of the rolling bluffs as they plummet to the mighty Mississippi below in this beautiful and historic city, filled with incredible museums, galleries, and parks. Included Excursions/Tours: Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Winona County History Center, Watkins Museum and Store, Polish Cultural Institute and Museum, Merchant’s Bank, and The Basilica of St. Stanislaus Kostka.

Day 8 | August 13 | Red Wing, MN

Red Wing was included on National Geographic Traveler’s list of most historic places in the world. Discovered in the early 1850’s, the lands were used mostly for harvesting wheat that would be transported up the river. Later in Red Wing’s history the economy began to flourish due to the thriving pottery industry, which became a main source of income between 1877 and 1967. Today, the city offers endless opportunities to travel back in time and learn about settlers and travelers that occupied the land before today, or to admire the craftsmanship and creativity of local artisans of both the present and past. Included Excursions/Tours: Pottery Museum of Red Wing and Showroom, Sheldon Theatre, Bush & Main Street’s Shopping District, St. James Hotel, and Red Wing Marine Museum.

Day 9 | August 14 | Red Wing, MN

Enjoy nearby Minneapolis at your leisure before returning home.

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Tour Highlights

  • St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
  • Dubuque Museum of Art
  • The Fenelon Place Elevator
  • Hotel Julien
  • Dubuque Grand Opera House
  • The Old Jail Museum
  • Dubuque County Courthouse
  • Villa Louise Residence and Grounds
  • Villa Louise Visitor Center
  • Crawford County Courthouse/1800’s Jail
  • The Fur Trade Museum
  • Fort Crawford Military Hospital
  • Valley Fish & Cheese
  • Dahl Auto Museum
  • Chapels of St. Rose
  • Hixon House
  • Riverside Musuem
  • Riverside International Friendship Garden
  • Minnesota Marine Art Museum
  • Winona County History Center
  • Watkins Museum and Store
  • Polish Cultural Institute and Museum
  • Merchant’s Bank
  • The Basilica of St. Stanislaus Kostka
  • Pottery Museum of Red Wing
  • Sheldon Theatre
  • Bush & Main Street’s Shopping District
  • St. James Hotel
  • Red Wing Marine Museum
  • 8 Nights * 9 Days


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