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Please accept my Thanks for another fabulous trip at the hands of your company. As I told your drivers, we stopped taking bids many years ago because there is no competition for your fabulous staff – From Vikie and Beth to ALL of your drivers. Thank You for all that you do and God’s continued blessings on SW Tour and Travel. You ARE the best.

Concordia Academy Choir

I wanted to email you about your bus driver Mike during the State Basketball Tournament. He did and amazing job for us over the 5 days! He was prepared every single day and made difficult situations seem pretty easy on his end. Being prepared and knowing where you need to go is a difficult challenge and being in the cities makes that challenge twice as difficult. He allowed us to keep our mind on our games, while he just took care of everything on the driving end of things. He was extremely friendly the entire trip. He was very respectful towards everyone in our group. He made our experience enjoyable and non-stressful. Thank you for providing Mike for this trip. You needed to know how well he did. He is a great asset to your company. Thank You again for all of the services you have provided our program over the years!

Marshall Boys Basketball

I am amazed at the volume of things we were able to experience. Some I had seen before, but was happy to revisit. Some I would not chose to stop at, but with 52 travelers everyone has likes and dislikes. I thought it was a broad spectrum of the areas we traveled.

New England

Our Tour Director was very prepared. A wealth of information. Well organized, we knew just what to expect. Saw so many places I just heard about. Wonderful!

Cherry Blossom

Thank you Dale for a safe and comfortable trip. I told the Athletic Director that we will take your bus service anytime.


Thank you for your fabulous service on our wedding day! We really appreciated your friendliness and flexibility.

Joni & Jamie

Thank you so much for working so hard on this trip. I have really enjoyed planning a wonderful trip without all the stress and I look forward to working with you again.

The attractions and the sightseeing were AWESOME!  The tour director was wonderful,very informative.